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Time to defend the landlord and rental agent.

I am an active user of social media, as are many of you reading this article I would imagine.  As time passes, I find that people are very quick to criticise something or someone, as they now have a much…

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Malaga Film Festival 2016

Malaga Film Festival 2016 Malaga Film Festival For many of your on holiday in Marbella and like your Spanish films.  You may want to head down to Malaga as it is the Spanish Film Festival from the 22nd April to…

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Holiday Rental Law May 2016

Holiday Rental Law Changes May 2016 As many of you will have been made aware in the local press. As of May 2016, any persons renting their property in exchange for money, will have to ensure this property is registered…

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Marbella in the Winter

Marbella Winter

Marbella in the Winter Many clients say to me “Why Do You Live in Marbella”.  One of the many answers are “LONGER DAYS” One of the many joys of living in Spain is that you do not have to chase around…

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Renting Your House is Easy

Many people have always said to me.  Your job is easy.  Renting a property is simple and anyone can do it.  If this is the case, then why is there such a myth about renting being such a bad thing…

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