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Airbnb Now Need a Holiday License if You Want to Rent for Holidays in Andalucia


As many of you know.  The Junta de Andalucia implemented a new law last year, where it was imperative that all property owners that rented their property for less than 60 days, would then have to apply for a “Holiday License”.

Many home owners and travel agents have ignored this law and continued to promote their properties without this license.

It seems more and more now that we are noticing that there is a high amount of pressure being put on property portals such as Airbnb and Bookings.com to ensure all its clients have a “Holiday Licence” in place.  Which makes complete sense being as this is a legal law.

Airbnb are now the first to make a firm stance on this matter and have insisted that unless your property has a “Holiday License”, it will not be able to be listed on their site.  Not only this, but any property that does not have a “Holiday License” code listed on their site by the end of September 2018, will then  be removed by Airbnb.

At one stage, it will be impossible to list your property on a property portal without this license as all other property portals will have no other choice but to follow suit.

Marbella Lettings are happy to give you further information on this matter if you require.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.